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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pasir Ris Park

Pasir Ris Park 
This park was located in the north east part in Singapore, close to where I lived.
This place is a leisure park where people can Jogging, Cycling, Skating, Barbecue , Fishing, and Kite-flying.

Above and below picture was took by the riverside near my home.

This is the first time I visited the park. On my way toward Pasir Ris Park, I get along with this Chipmunk? It's actually waiting for me to snap on it with a funny looking on my camera LOL.

Beside that there's also a wild CHICKEN! hiding behind of the leaves looking for food.

Finally I had reach Pasir Ris Park where u see green grasses with a more green views instead of building or tall towers. Now you can see people cycling, Fishing, Beach walking or building sand castle, camping, Barbecuer, Wedding ROM Shooting , Horse Riding.

Some people sitting down the little hut for relax while waiting their friends or family. This is the bar for relex.

And below are some random photo


Friday, July 01, 2011